Plunder a fortune in the Great Prestige Hills Casino Coup!

Smeet Room Great Prestige Hills Casino Heist Chat Game

Prestige Hills is a pretty run-down part of Smeet City. Like so many districts with nice-sounding names, the neighborhood has been left behind somewhat. Nothing represents the area’s decline better than the presence of the biggest casino in town. Like all good casinos, it attracts some of the most questionable characters around. And now…it looks like you are one of them!

You aren’t there to gamble your livelihood away, however. No, it’s a little more sinister than that. You’ve become mixed up in the wrong crowd and have somehow got yourself involved in a great heist of the Prestige Hills Casino. The less you know, the better for you, so let’s just get straight down to the key instructions…

This heist has numerous layers. Like a naughty onion. Or something.

At the Blackjack Tables use the Marked Cards generated by the special Card Marker that you, unsurprisingly, found in Uncle McAur’s basement. That guy is SUCH a mystery.

Over in the Craps area use the Dice Manipulator to produce Loaded Die – you’re sure to win big!

And finally, don’t forget to take along the Slot Machine Programmer you met last week at Dimesville Market – he may have just been hanging around looking shifty, but it turned out he’s a bit of a technical genius! He can give you Source Codes to fix the Slot Machines – better off not asking him how he learnt how to do that.

All these ‘tricks’ will produce an absolute truckload of Casino Chips for you to exchange for some of them delightful dollar dollar bills. Who says crime doesn’t pay? Of course, you only have limited time to carry out this heist before someone catches on. You’ve calculated you have two weeks, so you can earn up to 20,000,000 Fame Points until 28.11.2019. After that date THE REWARDS WILL BE REDUCED!

Good luck Smeeters, and remember – who dares, wins!