Halloween Games Round 3!


We all enjoy a horror movie from time to time, and now you can be a part of one!

To win this round, you have to gather your Smeet friends, pick a creepy song or story and direct a horror video clip! The film should be not shorter than 3 minutes and not longer than 5 minutes. Upload it on YouTube and send us a link at eventsen@smeet.com by 28th October.

SPECIAL RULE CHANGE! - For Round 3, the number of Halloween Points on offer will DOUBLE! This is a great chance for your domain to put yourselves in a strong position going into the Halloween Party!

Round 3 Rewards:
1. Place: 20.000 Fame Points, 20.000 Boosts for each participant and 6 Points for the Domain
2. Place: 15.000 Fame Points, 15.000 Boosts  for each participant  and 4 Points for the Domain
3. Place: 10.000 Fame Points, 10.000 Boosts  for each participant  and 2 Points for the Domain

Good luck!

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