It's just a game!

Game Night Hangout

It's just a game, yeah right! Seriously, do you know how many times I've heard people say this and not much later I've seen the exact same people end friendships and start family feuds in the name of 'the Game'!

Friday Night at Freddy's they said... It will be fun, they said... No, for real dude, if you ever get an invitation for a Game Night, be polite, decline gracefully, and DON'T GO!

So when the new room in sMeet, a Game Night Hangout is released, what do you do? That's right, you don't go. You don't take a peek in the shop, you don't listen to your fellow Smeeters how cool it is and oh, how much fun they have, and you don't buy it to just take a quick look. You ignore it!

For sure, you will hear about it, after all, it's quite a special room. Maybe you already have an invitation for the Game Night Hangout or you think visiting the room of one of your friends, sitting down, and watching others play will satiate your curiosity. Let me tell you, it will not!

Yeah sure, some people come to a Game Night just to "spend time with friends", just to watch because they're "tired" or "not good at the game". They sit at the back for maybe half an hour then they start reading the rule book, let another ten minutes go by, and they're suddenly explaining the rules to you, not long after, they get frustrated by your play style for no real reason and when you start a new round they want to play too!

But you're smart, you know what's good for you! You know, that it's never just a peek, it's never quick and once you start playing there is no stopping.

You know it's NOT just a game.

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