Very merry Christmas!


Nooo,noooo,nooooo… that definitely wasn´t going according to plan. Your plan was to fly to the Bahamas, to forget Christmas and to sip a cocktail beside the pool while everyone else is stressing out about the big Christmas celebrations.

Your parents would celebrate with your siblings in a romantic cabin, but you already told them very early this year that you won't be there at Christmas!

But…surprise! Life had other plans…. Your flight to the Bahamas has been canceled due to Corona and the owner of the cabin called that the cabin wouldn´t be available since there was a big water damage problem and on top of everything else your family decided that they would celebrate Christmas at your place, since it´s the biggest one!

You have no decoration, no presents and certainly no food and Christmas is in two days!

This is a disaster….! But you have no choice!

Get everything ready before your family arrives.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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