Intergalactic escape


A long time ago, in a galaxy not too far away, humans managed to develop the technology that allowed them to conquer the stars. As time passed, humans were able to colonize different planets and moons and create all sorts of advanced civilizations, each of them different and unique, but there was one thing that all those advanced civilizations had in common; humans need to have fun! and one of the best ways to have fun is gambling, so it didn’t take long until humans created Intergalactic Casinos, and they have been extremely popular until today.

In one of your space journeys you were attacked by space pirates, and though you managed to escape in one piece, your spaceship got severely damaged. Now you need to repair it and with no spare parts and no money, the only viable solution you could think of was to rob an Intergalactic Casino. After all, they’ve got so much money that, who would realize? And even if they do find out, how long would it take them? One week? Maybe two?

Turns out that you couldn’t be more wrong; the Casino Staff quickly realized the theft and not only that, they captured you and handed you over to the authorities and now you are sitting in the Space Correctional Centre. But no worries! You’ve got an escape plan! So, make sure that you follow it carefully when you set it into motion. When you manage to escape the Correctional Centre, You will get Fame Points, and a Jailbreak Badge!