Underwater Paradise


It’s still summer, so there are still plenty of fun things to do. You’ve tried jet skiing, you’ve built sand castles, you’ve sat at the beachfront to relax for a while, and you’ve done many other fun things. But there’s one thing that you haven’t done yet to make the most out of this summer; scuba diving!

A boat takes you to a nearby coral reef that’s famous for its huge diversity of plants and animals, and after you put on your scuba diving gear and jump into the water, you immediately notice a huge problem: The coral reef is polluted! This not only ruins everyone’s experience when visiting the coral reef, but also puts in danger the life of all the different plants and animals that live in it, and if nothing is done, it could end up in a disaster!

So, without hesitation, you decided to clean up the coral reef, and the best way to do it is to plant different plants that can clean the water and bring life and colour back to this beautiful place. If you manage to get rid of the pollution and bring the coral reef back to its old glory, you will earn Fame Points and Gold Boosts, but more importantly, you will save the lives of all the plants and animals that live there!

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