No risk – no reward!


The Football European Championship is kicking off in a couple of days and you have the chance to win Coins by predicting the results of different matches! You can place your bet approximately 24 hours before each match starts. To open the Smeet Euro Game Predictor just click on the football icon in the menu bar.

Here's how it works:

- You have three options for each match: either you predict that team A is going to win, team B is going to win or it´s going to be a draw. If it is a knockout game, you cannot predict a draw. You must choose who you think will progress to the next round (regardless of whether the match goes to extra-time or penalties).’

- For every tip you get right you will earn 1 point on the High Score leaderboard. When the European Championship reaches the knockout stages, the reward for a correct prediction will increase to 2 points. Points are important, because if you finish in the top 3 on the High Score leaderboard, your prize at the end of the tournament will increase!

- For each point you win, you will receive 5 Coins, UNLESS you finish in the top 3! The 1st place Smeeter (or Smeeters - if there is a tie, both Smeeters will receive the prize!) will receive not 5 Coins per point but 25! The 2nd place Smeeter/s will receive 25 Coins per point, and the 3rd place Smeeter/s will receive 10 Coins for each point they've earned! (PLEASE NOTE - The total amout of Coins you win will be calculated after the tournament ends and given out on 12th July. No Coins will be given out before then!).’

- You are able to see your current score and position on the leaderboard on the High Score list.

We hope you enjoy it!
Happy Smeeting!

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