Spring Games Round 3 - Music Festival Room Contest!


Round 3 is perfect for any great interior designers out there! If you've got any ideas for how to design a perfect room to host an awesome music festival, you should take part in this challenge!

To enter, simply take one of your Smeet rooms and turn it into music festival arena - whether it be for techno, heavy metal, rock 'n' roll or any other genre you love! Our admin judges will not only be looking for lots of cool items in the room, but also hoping to see thoughtful room designs that give the festival-goers an amazing space to enjoy the music!

Send the screenshot of your room (including your Smeet name and user ID) to eventsen@smeet.com by Wednesday 24th of March

SPECIAL RULE CHANGE! - For Round 3, the number of Spring Games Points on offer will DOUBLE! This is a great chance for your domain to put yourselves in a strong position going into the Spring Party!

Individual Rewards for Round 3:
1. Place: 1000 Coins, 50,000 Fame Points and 6 Points for the Domain
2. Place: 500 Coins, 25,000 Fame Points and 4 Points for the Domain
3. Place: 250 Coins, 15,000 Fame Points and 2 Points for the Domain

Once again, one domain can take more than one place on the podium and earn up to 12 points!

Good Luck!