New Discovery: Crystal Cave found in the Smeet Mountains!

Smeet mountain

A couple of days ago, the Smeet Courier announced the discovery of a long-forgotten crystal cave in the Smeet Mountains and that they are looking for people to join the expedition team to find hidden treasures. The only requirement: don´t be afraid of the dark! It sounds perfect for you since you prefer to be awake most of the night and sleep during the day. So, a cave is the perfect work place for a “creature of the night”

The first thing you learn in this job is how to work with different tools to mine the precious gems. Time to find out if you are more a “big boom” kind of person or if you prefer the “precise but quiet” way of getting the sparkling little stones.

Whatever way of mining you prefer, if you collect enough of the sparkling gems you can create precious and cool crystal jewelry that you can wear!

So grab your stuff, join the expedition team and create some cool crystal jewelry.

Happy mining, Smeeters!