Rack up the marriages at the Little Love Chapel!


Smeet City has found itself a new niche. Not wanting Las Vegas to have all the fun, the authorities have decided to start promoting the city as THE new wedding tourism destination. Want to get hitched to the love of your life but don’t want to pay for a lavish ceremony? Want to seal the deal but don’t want to have to invite annoying Uncle Harry to any sort of celebration? Simply want to qualify for the married couples’ tax break? Then the Little Love Chapel is the place for you!

As the new manager of the chapel, you need to keep things organized so you can whizz through as many nuptials a day as possible. No time to waste.

In true high-class wedding style, the Little Love Chapel offers a Wedding Ring straight out of a Gumball Machine. Good start. It does only get better from there, though, with Champagne and glamorous Wedding Clothes ready for the Couples Wishing to Marry to use on their big day!

Once the couple are ready, enlist the help of a Wedding Photographer as well as the LLC’s trademark Celebrity Doubles to complete the celebration in style.

You are responsible for the happiness of loads of couples here, Smeeters. No pressure!