Smeet Talk: Alissa interviews Melodie

Smeet Talk

It may be a new year but the Smeet Talk podcast fun continues! DE admin Alissa spoke to FR Entertainer Melodie about her life, both on and off Smeet!

A: We are talking to Melodie 

M: Yes. ‘Oui’, en français. 

A : So I’m going to ask the questions in English and Melodie is going to answer in French. We’ll have a nice mix of French and English...

...Melodie, how long have you been playing Smeet?

M: I started playing Smeet when I was 15, now I’m 24. So in October it will be 10 years I've been playing!

A: How long have you been a host? 

M: Well, it’s a bit complicated because I started as a Gossip Queen, then I was an Entertainer  for a very long time and finally I became a host. It was in the time when there was Liba, with him. So it lasted around 4 years, but then I decided to take some time off and I didn’t have a role for some time, but then I came back. I came back as an Entertainer, but then I started over with being a host with SEB. 

A: Okay so you basically went through all the roles, going from Gossip Queen to Entertainer, then to host and back. So how does it feel to come back as an Entertainer?

M: Yeah, it is nice coming back to my old role! I feel that Entertainer is a role that’s glued to my skin, it doesn’t really leave me and, after Coucou left, I took my place next to SEB again. So it’s been two or three years already. 

A: Ah okay. And you also participated in Smeetovision, twice.

M: Yes.

A: And you did great. Is singing something you do in real life like a hobby or something?

M: Well, I actually participated in the Smeetovision three times, not two.

The first time I won Smeetovision France and I could have participated in the international competition, but that day my boyfriend gave me a surprise: going to Paris. So I couldn’t sing on that day. The second time I participated was in 2017 - the first time France won the International Smeetovision with me singing Allelujah. The second time I represented France during the Smeetovision we were ranked third.

A: Oh okay, then I missed one, sorry.

B: But singing is not something I do for a living. It’s my mom who sings and composes music. So I got the passion from her, we all sing together. Then I took it to Smeet with some of my friends here. It’s actually them who encouraged me: I was very shy at that time, but I had good friends. I didn’t really feel confident about my voice, but people used to tell me “you have a wonderful voice”, so I tried and I won.

A: Your voice is actually very good. Is there a genre you like better or do you sing everything? 

M: I don’t really like rap-rock, but apart from that I like everything. I like singing songs from great voices like Celine Dion, Whitney Huston, but also contemporary songs. I love songs that touch your heart. But also Disney songs, of course!

A: So mostly radio hits and Disney songs?

M: Yes.

A: So which Disney movie do you like the most?

M: The Lion King, Lilo and Stitch, and the Princesses.

A: Ah, wow.

M:  Sleeping Beauty.

A: Ah, very fairy tail-y.

M: Yes.

A: So you also spend a lot of time in Smeet. How does Smeet influence your real life? 

M: Well, I can say that when I was younger, some years ago, Smeet was a pretty big part of my life: I could actually forget about the world when I was in Smeet. I also spent a lot of time on the phone in Smeet. There was this tool we used to communicate with our voices via Smeet without having Skype. And everything that happened in Smeet affected me deeply and I noticed I went out rarely because I was spending a lot of time in Smeet. I then took a break and I got my diploma, found a new job and went back to having an active life. And now I feel I’m more balanced. I still spend time in Smeet because I like it. I have a role again now, the other hosts have my number, so they know that if there’s a problem they can call me and I’m happy to help. I can really say that this game involves me personally. 

A: Wow! Pretty busy life! So it seems like you enjoy it being busy in Smeet and also in real life. 

M: Yes, but now I’m more balanced. I like Smeet, but I can separate it from my personal life. I can get joy from Smeet and I hope I can give it. I hope I can soon be able to start with the events again.

A: You also told me that you like to travel.

M: Yes, I love travelling.

A: Which countries have you visited lately?

M:  Lately I went to Spain, Paris, and Germany. Yeah I came to your country, I visited Frankfurt, the cathedral was nice. I then visited the nice little streets of the city. I haven’t been that much around abroad, I mainly visited France, but next year I want to visit Italy. 

A: Very interesting. Have you ever been to Berlin? 

M: No, only in Frankfurt. I know you’re in Berlin, so next time I’ll come by and say hi to all of you. Then I’ll sing you a nice song!

A: Is there a country you would like to visit and haven’t visited yet? 

M: Egypt is a country I would like to visit, once the situation gets more stable. That’s the country I dream of visiting.

A: If you’ll ever go I’ll go with you! At least you are fluent in French, I’m not. So you’ll be doing the talking.

So what is the thing you like most about Smeet? 

M: What I like the most is that when I first registered in Smeet we were quite a big group of people and we participated in a lot of events. I really love playing, winning and talking to people. Now I love my role as Entertainer because I like sharing my joy, craziness and making people have a good time and seeing that they’re enjoying the event. 

A: Yes, it’s true. It’s a lot of fun. It’s also the most fun part for me.

Do you meet your Smeet friends in real life as well? 

M: I met some of my Smeet friends. We visited each other, did some stuff together, I also met some of their family members. So, I had the chance to meet some of them. Some are really good people, some not that good.

A: If you could have one thing in Smeet that you really, really, really want, what would it be? 

M: Good question. Since some of us created rooms for board games, I think it would be nice if there were public rooms devoted to board games where we could all meet, play and have a good time together. Play rooms where we could play together, not like the Arcades, which are nice, but there we can only play individually. This could be a good idea. You could visit my playroom where we do some activities and we don’t necessarily need to use a screen or our voice to play together.

A: Thanks for your answers, I hope you have a nice evening!

M: Thank you for this interview!