Halloween Podcast No. 5 - Polish Peril!

Halloween Podcast PL

We asked users from each domain to tell a scary story or poem! Here is Firestarter from the Polish domain with another spooky tale!

The Nosey Neighbor

We were young and we were expecting a child - our first little one! We were looking for a cheap flat to rent because we didn't want to live with my parents forever, but unfortunately we couldn't afford one...
After two months of searching my cousin, with whom we didn't keep in touch at all, unexpectedly gave us a brilliant offer: an apartment in the city center - three rooms, close to everything (shops, school etc.), and the price was totally affordable! It was a godsend for us, or at least we thought so at first...
The apartment was in poor condition, so we had to renovate it. My husband often left me alone during the renovation and I should have already guessed that something was wrong with this apartment - doors shutting themselves, a burning smell, falling paint rollers. I explained it to myself in many ways - it's a draft, it's burning leaves (typical for October). I enjoyed our happiness too much to pay attention to these signs. After a month, our daughter was born - it was a great blessing for us, but at this point those strange situations began to intensify and became very powerful.
One of these such incidents stuck in my mind and I get goosebumps every time I think about it. The situation occurred when I was alone at home with my daughter. My husband was working, so he wasn't at home during the day. I put my little girl to sleep, closed the door slightly so that I could hear her from the kitchen just in case she was crying. After a few minutes, the door to her room closed with a giant bang! I jumped up quickly, waiting for the baby to cry.
There was no crying, but she started to crow. OK, that's great, I thought, but I couldn't open the door to her room...
I struggled with it a good 10 minutes when I saw a character silhouette behind the frosted door glass - I panicked. I started screaming at the character to leave my child alone, unfortunately to no avail. I heard only an evil laughter.
Filled with angst, I ran out of the house into the staircase and started calling for help. One of our neighbors who had lived there for many, many years came to help. On the way to my apartment, I explained quickly what happened and he nodded understandingly.
With time, when I think about it, this fact seems puzzling, because how could a normal person remain so calm and unmoved?
When we arrived at the door, the neighbor pressed the door handle and, to my surprise, opened the doors without any problem. My sweet little daughter was lying asleep quietly. I was tearful and shaky but I knew exactly what I'd seen. My neighbor was not surprised at all and the whole strange situation and my hysteria seemed normal to him.
As he was leaving, he said to me with a strangely altered and even frightening voice:
'Do not worry, but get used to it, because he will always be with you.'
Hmm ...
Did he know something? Or maybe it wasn't a HE!
What do you think?