Showcase your fashion expertise at the Venetian Carnival Competition!

Smeet Room Venetian Carnival Competition Chat Game


We love this time of year. There are so many amazing types of Carnival around the globe, we hardly know which we like best. This time around we’ve decided to join in that most elegant of celebrations – welcome to Smeet City’s Venetian Carnival Competition!

The style contest is sure to be as hot as ever, so you’d better get your best fashion senses ready for full usage. Luckily there are a load of old outfits and accessories lying around your attic – they may look like nothing, but with the right combination we just know there is a winning costume in there!

To put together your glorious Carnival outfit, start by grabbing some Costumes from the Clothes Rails and Carnival Masks from the Piles of Carnival Masks. It’s only a matter of time before you find something that you love. These can be complemented by an eye-catching Wig, found in the Boxes of Wigs.

Once you have your outfit, use the Models to test them out and give a fantastic Carnival fashion performance to the Carnival Jurors! If you impress them they are sure to give you a high number of Points, which can be used to defeat your Masked Rivals – Damian, Gabriel and Angelina.

We believe in you, Smeeters. Time to make yourselves the stars of the Venetian Carnival!