Pick the lock and uncover the mystery of Uncle McAur’s Safe!

Smeet Room Uncle McAurs Safe Chat Game

You receive an urgent call. It’s 3am. What the…? Uncle McAur? What can he want at this time?

You fear bad news.

Your phone is annoying. The signal is pretty bad and eventually it dies just as a panicked McAur is trying to explain what has happened. He’s babbling a bit, but before the phone dies you just about make out something about his ‘favorite cat mug’ and ‘forgotten passwords’.

You lie there speechless. If he’s woken you up at 3am because of a problem with a mug, you’re gonna kill him. But your mum is already annoyed at you after you held an impromptu Asian Carnival after-party in her two-room bungalow last week, so helping out her brother (no matter how ridiculous the request) could earn you back some brownie points!

So you go over to Uncle McAur’s place. Yes, it’s true. A grown man has called you in the middle of the night because his favorite cat mug is in his safe and apparently he can only drink from that mug and you feel like screaming and you don’t understand how this man has survived this long on his own.

And…breathe. You’re up now, may as well get on with it.

There are three main items that should help you out here – the Stethoscopes, the Picklock Box and the Enigma Machine. Eventually you’ll be able to uncover a Number Code for the safe, pick the padlock and decipher the password! Then you will finally have access to the safe and Uncle McAur’s precious Cat Mug.

Uncle McAur will be waiting nervously for his beloved mug, and is sure to be pretty emotional when you hand it over. The drama of it all will be enough to bring you all to tears, Smeeters. Honest.


Good luck everyone, get cracking that safe!