Smeet Spring Games 2019 Round 5

Alas, the end is nigh! It's been an awesome 3 weeks, but the Spring Games end on Monday 3rd June with Round 5! We know you've all been working hard for the previous 4 rounds, so we thought we'd make it a relaxing finale - get ready for the International Grill Party!

It will be a live event hosted by our beautiful admins, starting at 8pm Berlin time in the International Lover's Garden! There will be a Grill Counter representing every domain, and the domain whose counter is clicked by the most Smeeters will win the final round! The prizes will be as follows:

1st prize: 6 points for the domain.
2nd prize: 4 points for the domain.
3rd prize: 2 points for the domain.

There will also be some awesome sets from some of our amazing DJs, so don't miss out! We can't wait to see you all there!