Putt for Glory at the Smeet Minigolf Course!

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Golf is a polarizing sport. To some, the idea of hitting a small white ball around for 4 hours is the biggest waste of time imaginable, yet to others the idea of being in the open air and trying to master their skills is an obsession. A cool in-between alternative exists, though, and it’s time we all tried it out – welcome to the Smeet Minigolf Course!

One of the most popular activites in Smeet City, particularly during the summer months, the course is almost always busy. Therefore it needs to be well-managed, so when you see an advertisement for a new General Manager down at the clubhouse, it seems like the perfect opportunity for you to get back into unemployed life after you got fired from the Smeet City Customs Office for trying to sell Rocky the Sniffer Dog to someone online for 10 Coins. Shameful stuff.

The best way to start off attracting keen golfers is to get as many Minigolf Ads out there as possible – if people haven’t heard about it, they won’t come! Once they arrive, Golf Supplies will of course be important and then you need to help the visitors negotiate the various obstacles on the course – be it the Beginners having their first try on the Flat Obstacle hole, or the more experienced players attempting the Lightning, Shell, Labyrinth or Net Obstacle holes, they’re all challenging in their own way!

Success on the course will generate Golf Points, and should hopefully help you achieve a top-5 finish in the competition too!

Don’t miss the cut, Smeeters!