Workers wanted at the Smeet City Post Office!

Smeet Room Post Office Chat Game

As Smeet City expands, the city’s public services come under more and more pressure. For the Smeet City Post Office this is a particular problem, as they are still operating out of a small building that was designed for use way back when the city was nothing more than a small town. Unfortunately there’s no money left to build a new, larger post office, as the mayor blew the city budget on erecting a huge gold statue of local historical icon Tuonela the Great. Madness.

Still, there are parcels that need delivering and you are needed to help out! You have two options to begin with here. If you want you could simply utilize the materials already found in the Post Office Storage Room, but unfortunately it looks like it hasn’t been organized and tidied up properly for decades – it’s chaos in there! As a result, it only produces random items. Alternatively you can invest a little by purchasing Brown Paper, Cord and Stamp Sheets directly from the Shop – a more efficient way of working!

Once you have all the packaging materials you need to prepare the parcels for the Postal Worker and then move them onto the Delivery Team – we have Johnny the Delivery Guy, Jenny the Bike Delivery Girl and Jemima the Mail Car Driver. All three of them are raring to go and offer unlimited Smeets and Fame Points, although only until 23.11.2018!

Happy packaging, Smeeters!