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When I started Smeet, I never thought I would gain what I have gained. What I gained is a best friend who is like a mother, and a boyfriend who is my best friend that understands what I’ve been through. They are teaching me to let go of my past slowly and forget about the scars. I learned that people will hate you even if you do nothing wrong and you can’t change that.

When you have multiple diagnoses that says you are depressed and have PTSD. The people who care for you will pick you back up and not let you be in your head.  The fact you gain an amazing support system on Smeet says something, because I still lean on the people who cares for me. The fact that I have depression isn’t the hard part. It’s only hard when the depression is lasting for days because they can’t do anything but let me talk. As I take my journey into Smeet marriage I want to give you tips on how to make an everlasting romance.

The steps to making a romance last isn’t being a liar. It’s being an honest person. Being an honest person from the start is key like saying hey I have a girlfriend in real life or what you look like. Don’t rush into the thing thinking you going to marry the dude right away because you don’t know the dude, start off as friends since if you start off as friends you can become best friends and you will know the person. Be fully aware that Life will happen, and you can’t predict what will happen. Communication is the key to everything, so you don’t end being blindsided to life things. Don’t listen to rumors about the person and make your judgement on that person since that person might actually turn really awesome.


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