Spin a fortune in the Golden Hall!

Smeet Room Golden Hall Chat Game

Some of the best things about the world of fairytales are the extravagant costume designs and awesome traditional outfits that our favorite characters often appear in! Luckily, the Smeet fairytale scene is not different because the fairytale clothes production line is in safe hands – yours!

You find yourself in the Golden Hall, a prestigious spinning workshop like no other. Aside from the beauty of the room itself, there are also some special tools here. Spinning Wheels that have the capacity to spin Golden Yarn out of Straw!

It all starts through luring some cheeky Mice out of the Mouse Hole. The Golden Hall’s resident feline, Don Diego D’Oro, is waiting to be fed! If you keep his stomach full, he’ll help you collect Straw, although you can also collect it yourself from the Straw Bales if you aren’t feeling too lazy…

From then on it’s all pretty straightforward – spin the Straw with the Spinning Wheels to produce Golden Yarn. Grab some Golden Fabric from the Rolls of Golden Silk, bring them all together and voila! You’ve created some stunning Golden Outfits, worthy of royalty!


Get to work and spin yourselves into a golden frenzy, Smeeters!