Take responsibility for restoring the Earl’s Study!

Earls Study Room Smeet Chatroom Game

Centuries before modern-day Smeet City came into being, the lands where it now stands were run by the local nobility, the House of Smeetidge. They lived in a grand manor which now sits on the outskirts of town and, although they no longer hold the position of power they once did, there is still an Earl of Smeetidge living there with his noble family!

The manor is beautiful and another fantastic tourist attraction that Smeet City can boast about, with regular tours for visitors. However, the Earl needs your help. The manor’s famous study has seen better days, with its unique set of furniture in particular needing serious restoration work!

This is where you come in. Acquire your Gold Leaf from ‘Gold Henry’, the local dealer, and use the brushes and sheets of Gold Leaf to get these pieces looking good as new! Fix up any structural issues you spot as well with the Wood Glue.

Once completed, not only will you have enhanced your reputation as an antiques king or queen, but you will also have earned a nice little load of Fame Points, Home Value, Gold Boosts and a special badge!

Go for gold, Smeeters!