Glam up the shores of Smeet City at the Beach Chair Restoration Store!

Smeet Room Beach Chair Restoration Store Chat Game

Remember the Smeet Beach Resort? Thinking of heading there this summer for some sun, sea, and sand? Well, it’s still in great shape, and still mightily popular, but only because the staff work so hard to maintain it and keep it looking so good!

And you should know because you are now one of them! That’s right, you have just secured the job of ‘Beach Furniture Executive’ at the Smeet Beach Resort. After your initial shock at the news that ‘Beach Furniture Executive’ is a real job, you’ve thrown yourself immediately into your work. First task – the resort manager wants new beach chairs!

Luckily, the Beach Chair Restoration Store (yes, that’s also a thing, don’t question it) is nearby and the slightly kooky Shopkeeper is waiting to guide you through the whole process. Happy days!

The Shopkeeper always seems to use the same process, so it’s best you get to know it well. Start with Driftwood washed in by the sea, dry it and sand it into Planks, and then add some Varnish to give them a nice finish and help protect them from adverse weather in future!

Then take your Varnished Planks, some Nails, and some Fabric and get to work on your restoration project!  The Roofed Beach Chairs will soon look splendidly restored, and you can then take them to the Shopkeeper to purchase (at a reduced price, presumably, considering you did half the work on them!). The Restored Beach Chairs are bound to get the resort looking great this summer!

Get your crafting heads on, Smeeters, it’s your time to shine!

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