Put on Smeet City’s No. 1 Summer Garden Party!

Smeet Room Summer Garden Party Chat Game

Summer is reaching its latter stages, the days are starting to get shorter again and time is running out for you to utilize your recently-finished roof garden. The situation calls for one thing, and one thing only – GARDEN PARTY!!!

As you are something of a social butterfly, the guest list will no doubt be a long one. You’ve even decided to invite Uncle McAur, although we don’t doubt you’ll regret that big time after his second glass of red wine. Nonetheless, preparations must begin in earnest!

There are a variety of decorations and other important things that need preparing. From the Light Festoons to the Paper Pom Poms, a wide variety of decorations will ensure you have the perfect setting for the garden party of the year! Then, of course, there is the Finger Food (sure, you told people to eat before they came as you would only be providing snacks but you know how cheap your friends can be ;) ) and the all-important Beverages that need to be available at the Bar! The cherry on the top of your party? FIREWORKS. They’re sure to wow everyone who attends, and a few of your neighbors too.

Successfully preparing all of these aspects of the party will also earn you Party Atmosphere. The more you earn, the more likely the memories of your Summer Garden Party will stick with your guests forever.

Good luck setting up the social event of the year, Smeeters, and don’t forget to enjoy it yourself too!