Relic Hunter – Claim a daily reward while searching for clues!


Who's ready to go on a treasure hunt from 1st August?! Pick up the Treasure Map and the Diamond Treasure Box (as well as your first treasure) from the Shop and you are good to go.

Here is how it works:
- Click the Treasure Map daily and you will be rewarded with Fame Points, Dimes and other rewards but, most importantly, Map Parts! These Map Parts will be required to open the Small Treasure Boxes. These will appear at random in the Shop over the course of the month of August, so keep an eye out for them as these boxes will go offline after a while!

The Small Treasure Boxes will give you an extra reward and special clues. These clues will be crucial to open the Diamond Treasure Box.

Please be aware that you will only be able to use the Treasure Map until 30th August, 2019. You won´t be able to get any Map Parts from it after this date.

Happy Treasure Hunting!!