New browser update – Please be careful!

Google Chrome Update

Dear Smeeters, you may already have come across the new browser versions that are starting to deactivate Flash Player. If you have, you have already seen this “deactivate” button at the top of your browser window right below the URL bar. Please do NOT press “deactivate” otherwise you will NOT be able to play Smeet anymore!


Since the new browser version is now launched you have to enable Flash Player again: (Please also follow the instruction in case you pressed the “deactivate” button):


1. Click on the first button next to the URL bar on the right hand side (a grey 'F' with a red x on it)


2. Click “Manage” on the small pop-up that appears. It will lead you straight to the Flash Settings within the browser.


3. Activate Flash again



4. Go back to the Smeet page.



Now you can click to activate Flash again. In case you have any difficulties reactivating Flash please write a message to:

Your Smeet Team