A weekend away at the Boat Workshop at Clownfish Bay!

Smeet Room Boat Workshop at Clownfish Bay Chat Game

Sitting in your office on Friday afternoon, you can’t take your eyes off the clock on the wall. It’s stiflingly hot and humid in Smeet City, and the air conditioning in the office is broken as usual. All you can think about is 5pm when you can escape this torture. Even better, your workmate Johnny has invited you up to his place in picturesque Clownfish Bay, a small fishing village 100km up the coast. A glorious weekend out on the water awaits, with fishing, swimming and eating all on the agenda!

Pulling into town, Clownfish Bay doesn’t disappoint. It’s simply delectable, and sitting by the marina eating Fried Dolphin Skin and sipping Nemo Ale (the local specialties), you feel good about life. Cheers Johnny!

Of course, what Johnny failed to mention is that his boat, The Árbolito, isn’t exactly ‘ready for use’. In fact, it’s nowhere near. As it turns out, part of the reason he wanted you along was to help him finish it off! It’s unbelievably cheeky and you consider leaving for a moment, but then you think about the sweaty streets of the big city and decide to press on and help anyway. Johnny owes you beers though. Lots.

Grab some Wooden Boards from the Wood Pile and carve up sufficient Planks with the Wood Slicer – mind your hands! Plenty of Nails are required to patch up The Árbolito’s hull too, and then plenty of Boat Varnish should be applied to protect the new wood once the vessel goes out on the water!

It sounds like a relatively simple task this week, Smeeters, but hard work is required. Good luck!