Astro Grise is back - Music and your Star Sign!

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What is the most appropriate type of music for your sign? "Life without music would be a mistake" and I don't think it's wrong to say that, because it's rare that some people do not like music. Music can transport us to distant worlds in the blink of an eye. Everyone listens to music, but why tastes coincide is another story. Find out below what kind of music goes with your sign.

Aries: Due to its impulsive nature, Aries usually choose dance, house or techno music. Everything that has a lot of volume and puts you in motion.

Taurus: has a homely side that makes him prefer music that has to do with his culture. He likes folk and country very much.

Gemini: they will always be eternal teenagers and therefore they are people who will be more attracted by frantic electronic music and full of life.

Cancer: Romantics, sensitive and sweet are its main qualities, that is why the natives of this sign seek these qualities in music. Instruments like the harp or the piano.

 Leo: he loves to let his star side shine especially when he knows all the lyrics of his favorite musical comedy. Your favorite genre regardless of the style of the piece.

 Virgo: Shy and serious, love before all the medieval music and music of their country or locality. The music should look like them and talk to your heart.

Libra: Love is THE feeling, so what is your favorite type of music? The love songs evidently. Scorpio: Aggressive, rebellious and rebellious, like doubting that rock, hard rock and metal are the styles that seduce him.

Sagittarius: An imperative desire for freedom encourages the dreamers of Sagittarius. Those who will know how to comfortably meet in jazz.

 Capricorn: Serious and distinguished, they love classical music. What a way to impose the respect that you love so much to get from those around you.

Aquarius: Beings full of tolerance and very independent, Aquarius does not like the established rules, reason why the natives of this sign will be interested in music from other latitudes that gives them a small dose of freedom with each song.

Pisces: Dreamers with a great artistic and creative sense, the Pisces love above all things the aesthetic. In everything he sees looks for beauty, nothing better than the opera that will know how to satisfy his demanding taste in musical matters. I hope the article has been of your pleasure, see you soon. "The essence of life is to go FORWARD" Astro · Grisє