Produce sweet, sweet honey out at Blushing Meadows!

Smeet Room Blushing Meadows Chat Game

Smeet City is a vibrant and sprawling metropolis. It is much-loved by its residents and an increasingly popular place to settle down, meaning its population is booming almost constantly. This has its plus points, of course, but sometimes the hustle and bustle of city life can get a bit much. The local authorities recognised the danger of this early on in the city’s growth, which is why they ordered the creation of the Smeet City Green Belt - better known as Blushing Meadows - a ring of natural grassland that surrounds the city, legally protected from urban sprawl.

You are a regular visitor to this tranquil out-of-town area, taking leisurely walks and stopping off (fairly frequently, to be honest) at some of the historic countryside pubs. A recent addition to the area is the Blushing Meadows Honey Company, which runs a very picturesque bee farm. It’s the perfect place for an early-spring job, and you are the perfect Smeeter to fill the role!

First requirement when it comes to producing honey – bees, bees, and more bees! There are three places where they can build their hives – in the Buckwheat or Clover Fields, or up the Acacia Tree.

Once you’ve used the different types of nectar to extract the honey from each hive using the Honey Extractors, there are some super-enthusiastic Honey Purchasers who regularly visit the farm looking to buy the latest batch!

That’s all there is to it, Smeeters – enjoy the fresh country air, keep the Purchasers happy and ensure the successful running of Blushing Meadows Bee Farm!