Produce beautiful advent decorations in the Glassblowing Workshop!

Smeet Room Glassblowing Workshop Chat Game

The Christmas season is here already. It might seem a bit early, but seasonal decorations are taken extremely seriously by the residents of Smeet City. Each year they compete to produce the most impressive display in their neighborhoods, lighting up the city streets in a tasteful and delightful way.

This makes the seasonal decoration business a BIG earner, if you know what you’re doing, and it’s important to start making preparations early! A friend of your uncle runs a glassblowing workshop in town and is looking for a new apprentice for this holiday season. It’s time to join the crazy commercial train that is Christmas!

You start with Boxes of an Amorphous Solid. Don’t ask us exactly what that is, but you can get Glass from it. So that’s useful.

To shape the Glass into something booooootiful and Christmassy, stick it in the Melting Furnace to produce Molten Glass. Then you need to apply some expert Glassblowing skills - the resident veteran Glassblowers should be able to help, teaching you all the Glassblowing Skills you need to shape some interesting and creative pieces!

As a final touch, grab some Decorations from the aptly-named Decoration Boxes to give your work that extra seasonal touch! The finished products, ready to sell to the people of Smeet City, should reward you handsomely!


Here’s wishing you luck, Smeeters!