Recreate the legendary Moon Landing in your living room!

Smeet Room Moon Landing Anniversary Chat Game

Fifty years ago Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made history with Apollo 11, touching down on the moon in ‘one giant leap for mankind’. Therefore we thought it was only right that we honor such a historic event by recreating the event right here on Smeet!

Obviously, we aren’t going to send you to the actual moon. It would be expensive, a logistical nightmare, and frankly we’ve heard too much about your incompetence from half the employers in Smeet City to trust you with anything remotely complicated. No, we’re doing this a much simpler way – we’re bringing the moon itself to your living room!

To really encapsulate the atmosphere and visuals of the moon landing isn’t as hard as it sounds. Grab some Lamps for Illumination, and enlisting the help of some Writers, Costume Designers and an Actor from the Dimesville Amateur Theatre Company will be useful too!

The one you’ve chosen is sure to give a fantastic performance in front of the camera, although we would argue that playing an astronaut isn’t really that hard. You just have to jump up and down and then turn on ‘slow-mo’ effect on your phone, right? Who needs acting school?

Once the epic performance is over remove the Roll of Film from the Camera and give it to the Director who will edit it down to a Rough Cut. Once you have that, there are a few special guests waiting to be convinced by the authenticity of your living room moon landing!

Have a great voyage, Smeeters!