Unleash the Inner Zen of all visitors to the Kasansui!

Smeet Room Kasansui Zen Garden Chat Game

Bonsai is a quite spectacular art form. This Japanese tradition produces some stunning trees that bring a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere to a room or garden. In a place as hectic and intense as Smeet City they have become particularly popular, and nowhere more so then in the Kasansui. This beautiful garden has become a pilgrimage destination for all seekers of Zen in the city, allowing them to escape their busy urban lifestyles - an oasis of calm in a desert of chaos.

The Kasansui requires some serious upkeep, however, and the Bonsai trees in particular! Those who use the garden are asked to contribute in some way to help maintain the atmosphere, and now it’s your turn…

Take the Young Trees from the Growing Bags and give them to the Bonsai Artists, who will also need Wire to help form their shape! Once they have been cared for and cultivated enough the Artist will produce special Bonsai Skill, and the whole process will give off illustrious Zen that all contributes to the atmosphere within the garden!

All of these things will help to grow the highlights of the Kasansui – the Japanese Maple Bonsai, the Fukien Tree Bonsai and the Olive Bonsai. They truly are works of natural art!


Bring out the inner Zen in everyone who enters the Kasansui, Smeeters!

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