Help assemble a time machine in Uncle McAur’s Ripening Cellar!

Smeet Uncle McAurs Ripening Cellar Room Chat Game

Uncle McAur seems like a strange guy, but he has a more complex history than you might think. Way back in the 1950s, before he became an anxious wreck who spent his time fretting about his blasted Cat Mug, McAur was actually a master distiller of Whiskey!

His ‘Rich & Famous’ recipe was unbelievably popular, but the fame and lifestyle of being a successful young entrepreneur didn’t suit McAur at all. He retreated from public life and became a recluse for many years. As we know, recently he has started to make contact with the outside world again. This is good news, of course, but you could do without the constant requests for your help on every little problem he comes across. Families, eh?

His old whiskey company is still going strong, although it long since moved out of the old ripening cellar where a young McAur first developed his finest creation. So you’re a little suspicious when he orders you round to help with a ‘new project’ down there. You turn up expecting something wacky, and McAur doesn’t disappoint. He is trying to build a time machine.

Sure, uncle, that doesn’t sound crazy at all.

He’s serious about it though, and has a plan in place. He’s even hired a team of bemused scientists and an engineer to complete the project. You are the Project Manager. As ever, you decide to humor him and go along with his ludicrous idea.

As you’d imagine, the time machine is a pretty complex thing to put together. Gather Electrical Components and Tools for the Engineer that McAur has hired in order to create Time Machine Parts, while the Particle Accelerator should generate the Dark Matter required to get the thing up and running.

There is one secret ingredient missing, of course - the machine will only function properly when you have generated enough ‘Eureka’ effect, which will allow the systems to function at full power. The Quantum Formula that the Scientists need to produce Eureka is a good place to start and, while you’re there, why not get their brains working to maximum capacity by supplying them with some good old McAur’s ‘Rich & Famous’.

Help assemble the time machine, Smeeters, and keep Uncle McAur happy! Obviously it won’t actually work, because: Time. Travel. Is. Not. A. Real. Thing. it? ;)

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