Pimp up your ride with a visit to Diamond Valley!

Smeet Diamond Valley Room Chat Game

In a city that is booming and expanding as quickly as Smeet City is, social status is everything. There are just too many cool cats in this town, with their plush apartments and up-market clothes, that it is nigh on impossible to stand out from the crowd. However, this may be about to change…

A friend has told you about Diamond Valley, a little-known site just outside of town. Apparently you can swing by and purchase precious stones from the miners there, or even pan for diamonds yourself!

Sounds good, but what would you use them for? Well, it might be unorthodox, but your battered up old car could use some work and perhaps a few diamonds would complement the paintwork nicely! You’ll be the envy of the Smeet City social elite in no time (and also the target of every common criminal in the city…but let’s worry about that when it comes to it).

Upon arrival, the Miners will provide you with loads of Stones so simply take them to the Sorting Table and maybe you’ll get lucky and find some Rough Diamonds amongst them! Alternatively you can try diamond panning – grab Soil from the Diamond Digger and combine it with some Water in the Wash System!

Once you’ve acquired your Rough Diamonds, simply feed them into the Diamond Evaluator and wait to see if you’ve hit the jackpot! All precious stones are special, of course, but some just have that little bit extra about them...so prepare to discover some Third-Rate, some Second-Rate and some First-Rate Diamonds!

Diamond Valley won’t remain a hidden gem for long, Smeeter, so get down there before the crowds turn up!