Construct a Treehouse Delight in your back garden!

Smeet Room Treehouse Delight Chat Game

You’re fed up. One of your neighbors has woken you up at the crack of dawn every day this week with the sound of power tools in their back garden. Does that work HAVE to be done at 6am mate? You’ve been very patient, but finally you open your window to yell at him.

Before you do, however, you see the amazing thing he has been building! An epic treehouse nestled among the branches of an old oak tree. Instantly you know how to escalate this ‘war of the neighbors’ – build a better one!

There’s an old pile of logs lying around that should provide you with the wood you need, and you’ve borrowed some tools from your Uncle McAur (frankly it’s not safe to leave them with him anyway). Process the wood at the workbench and then hand it over to the professional craftsman (aka your mate Dave) with the blueprints to get the treehouse parts ready for construction!

There’s one problem. You’ve done some calculations and you haven’t quite got enough materials to complete the project! We know it’s bad, but we do have one suggestion…

Sneak over to your neighbor’s garden and steal some of their materials. They’re sat right there and he now seems to have gone away for the weekend…

Wait, does that make us bad people? Really?

Nah. DO it ;)


Once that’s done you can piece together the structure and sit back and relax in your very own Treehouse Delight. That’ll teach you, neighbor!

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