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EN Journalist Femme talks about Smeet hacks and tricks to leveling up and beyond

We see hacks for everything these days: crafting, make-up, technology, organizing our lives, and cooking.  Well, not to be left out, your tips for getting the most from Smeet.  Here come Smeet Hacks….


When I began this article, I envisioned the entire Smeet community spouting forth their tips of leveling up with fame, prestige, and value.  Sadly, I was met with silence…for days, weeks even! My inbox was void of hints and how-to’s!  Sure, I was given suggestions, but they were not very nice ones and they certainly did not add to the meaning of this article.  There was one sole Smeeter who replied to my pleas and gave substance felt like I could publish in my script.  Ļùςίƒίήά commented, “I do my rooms a lot and buy the furniture to the room.”  You don’t get blood from a turnip and you have to put time into a room in order to yield anything from it.  Having the “accessories” for the room also builds the rooms value and can generate boosts and fame. That is a great tip, Luci, thanks for your tip! 

Being a Smeeter for the better part of a decade has offered lots of experience for bettering my play and satisfaction with the game.  Now, I am not a high-roller, an elitist, or one of the upper echelon in Smeet famedom, but, I have leveled up (rather quickly at times).  So for those of you wanting to know the secret to Smeet success…well there is none!  Hahaha, just kidding! I will emphasize there is no way get-rich-quick (unless you invest your real money in the game), no glass ceiling you must break through, no snake oil or magic potions, either.  I encourage you to try these things I have learned along the Smeet highway and see if they work for you. But, be patient; after all, Rome wasn’t built in a day and your gains will come with time.

  1. Make a Booster Room! 

Place all of your boosting equipment in one room and visit it regularly.  It will make clicking easier when you don’t spend a lot of time hopping from room to room asking yourself, “Now where did I put that water pump?”  Also, I recommend purchasing a room or two that has repeating boosts such as The Excavation Site and The North Pole. 

  1. Get a Smeekie Room, too!

Having such will make it easier for guests and visitor to visit your space and drop clicks on your smeekies. Make sure you space them a little bit from each other to eliminate the frustration of trying to click on a smeekie that it too close to another.  Also, keep this room unlocked.  Remember, every time someone visits one of your rooms you receive a handful of fame points, and they add up!

  1. Get free stuff!

Smeet gives away free apparel regularly and rooms on occasion.  Even if you don’t wear the clothes or task the rooms, they add to your overall value simply by being in your inventory.  Look for sales!  Once you have acquired coins and dimes, spend them wisely.  You may just, find that one item you’ve been holding out for on sale!  Also, keep an eye out for free rooms that are filled with daily goodies.  The Advent Calendar, Treasure Road and the Flower Garden all have items at your every beckon and click and are yours for the taking.  However, you must have a good deal of dimes saved to receive these gifts (approximately 15,000 dimes for the room).

  1. Be a gifter! 

Gifting items to others can be a great way to boost prestige.  Not only do you get to surprise someone with a gift, but you, too get a reward.  You can select from their profile and send them a Smeet greet, a card, jewelry, clothing, furniture, rooms, and the list goes on and on.

  1. Play games!

Smeet is filled to the brim with games of all sorts to get you leveling.  The fishing game found in the Aquarium Room, the hotdog vendor in the Plaza and the orchard down on the Smeet Farm all reward fame as a prize for winners.  Don’t forget, you can play Connect Four or Battleship with other Smeeters for points, too!  Lastly, the Smeet Arcade is the game hub of this social medium.  Try for a spin on the wheel for an array of points, dimes, and coins.  I have noticed the higher your score on the games there, the better your spin will be.  And don’t overlook the jackpot spin every five or so hours when you log-on.   A secret Smeeter divulged (right before publication) that the longer the time between logins seems to yield a better prize on this Jackpot Wheel.

So there you have it, some of the secrets to success at this game.  Whether you are here to socialize, increase your virtual assets, or just quietly hangout… you can make Smeet work for you!  See for yourself!

If you want me to write about anything in particular please feel free to message me and I will take all thoughts into consideration. Femme EN Journalist id: 23785066

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