Claim Fortuna´s Treasure from the April 2019 edition of the Blooming Garden!

Smeet Room Blooming Garden Chat Game

Look at this beautiful garden! Unfortunately the weather hasn´t been good enough and the flowers haven´t blossomed yet. However spring is near, and every day in April one of the flowers will blossom and give you a reward!

Remember though - flowers don´t bloom at a specific time of day, so you may have to check the garden several times a day! Once blossomed, you will be able to claim a prize in exchange for a few Dimes for the first 24 hours ONLY. Afterwards you can still claim the prize, but it will cost you Coins! So check your Blooming Garden regularly, and also make sure that you collect the rewards from all the flowers as well as the final overall prize - Fortuna´s Treasure - by 31st of May, as you won´t be able to claim any of them from this edition of the Blooming Garden from then on!