It’s a snow-filled battle of the ages at the Snowball Fight Contest!

Smeet Room Snowball Fight Contest Chat Game

The 2019 Pro Ultimate Snowball Fighting Championship Tour (PUSFCT…you not heard of it?) is in full swing and the latest event is taking place in our very own Smeet City! It’s one of the biggest events on the calendar and there is always room for a local or two to enter alongside the established superstars! This year, OBVIOUSLY, one of those locals is YOU!

The final round of the contest is notoriously tough, with some of the strongest arms around hurling fresh snow at you at electrifying speeds, so you’re gonna need an efficient snowball-producing routine to give yourself a shot at coming out on top!
Some Snow Piles are already lying around, but getting hold of a Snow Shovel is sure to help! Once you’ve gathered the Snow, push it through the Snowball Shaper to ensure the balls are aerodynamic in flight.

Now this is where you have a real advantage. Your mad Uncle Harry has given you some old weapons he found in his basement – a Trebuchet, a Ballista and a Catapult. You didn’t ask Harry how he came upon these items – some things are better off not knowing. Regardless, you can use the weapons to send Snowballs raining down on your Opponents, pulverizing them until victory is yours! One of your Opponents in particular is a very old foe of yours…perhaps you can prepare some special ‘yellow’ snowballs to really give him his comeuppance ;) Some people just deserve it, don’t they?

It’s every Smeeter for themselves out here, so watch out!

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