10 signs that he/she is the right person for you!!


True love is not the other half of the apple. The truth is that each of us is fine with ourselves and everything is all in one piece.
1. If you wake up in the morning thinking about it and go to bed with the same thought
2. It is essential to have fun and lightness as with joking, laughing etc.
3. It's not always easy finding the ideal person, so don't be upset and never stop looking after a failure
4. If you miss him/her even if both of you aren't together
5. If you love the faults of each other and they are a source of pride and self-satisfaction in your eyes
6. If there is complicity between you both, imagine each other as a fly reading their mind, anticipating words and moves of others
7. If the other person cares for you
8. If one of you fights a little and quarrels in a constructive way, without throwing anything at you and learning from any misunderstanding
9. It’s important in times of difficulty both help each other instead of hurting
10. The most important thing is having a pleasure continue discovering everyday sensations and moods that makes you feel good and contributes to the happiness of the couple!!
So, I wish you all good luck !! Keep spreading LOVE & PEACE
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