Help the Monsters prepare the Halloween Party of the year!

Smeet Room Creepy Monster Party Chat Game

Can you believe it? The rift between the living and the dead has opened. Again. On Halloween. Again. What are the chances?

This feels like it’s going to be a total hassle, but actually the creatures of the night that have come through the rift seem to be in a good mood! They’ve found an old abandoned mansion, which looks like it’s already been half-prepared for a party by some very kind humans. The monsters are just looking for someone to add the finishing touches and surprise, surprise, it looks like that someone is YOU!

All the ingredients for an absolutely monstrous party are right here, you just need to put them into place! Make the place look special with the Party Decorations and lay out the Candy Buffet. Oh, and don’t forget the Bowl of Punch – taste it if you dare.

For the ambience, the Uncanny Light should set the tone nicely whilst the most essential ingredient of all also needs to be organized - set up the Boombox for the Music!

There are also Ghost Pets floating around the place – they are big fans of the Candy and the Punch in particular, so feed it to them to really up the Party Atmosphere.

If all these preparations are successful, we have no doubt the monsters will love it and definitely want to come back next year.

Which is a good thing…right?

Naujausias turinys