How Are Horoscopes Written?

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            Whether you believe or do not believe most magazines, newspaper, even the internet gives horoscopes for each zodiac for that day, week, month, or even year. Ever wonder how these publications come up with their horoscopes? It is not just something a psychic or astrologer comes up with on their own. There is a rhyme and a reason to how a horoscope is written. Actually, anyone can write horoscopes if you know and have the knowledge of the stars and astrological signs.

            It does take some skill to writing horoscopes. There is a whole lot of calculations that goes into making predictions. A lot of detail goes into the final decision before being put into a newspaper or magazine. Personal readings are more comprehensive than general horoscopes. There are programs that one can buy or there are some free applications that can be used as well to assist in writing horoscopes. Some people strictly use charts and planetary alignments in their predictions. Horoscopes are not used as a to tell the future for someone. They are used to better understand certain moods and how to deal with them. Horoscopes can be a pretty handy tool. Some people find astrology a great tool for self-awareness. In order to get an accurate daily horoscope birth date, time, and location is needed. So daily horoscopes, unless is a personal reading, can not be tailored for every single person.

            There are three different types of astrology that can be used for writing horoscopes. Mundane astrology which uses world and national events to make predictions. Then there is interrogatory astrology that uses objectives or events in a particular subject’s life to make predictions. Lastly, there is the natal astrology that is the most common type used. Natal astrology uses dates to make specific predictions and analyses for a person. So, if a person wants a personal reading an astrologer will need certain personal information such as birthday and time.

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