Clean up the post-party chaos at O'Riley's Pub!

Clean up the post-party chaos at O'Riley's Pub!

To be honest, Smeet City's nightlife has always struggled to garner the world's attention. The city has been promoted as more of an artistic and cultural hub, with the hardcore party scene failing to establish itself. One particular night a year, of course, such reputations go out the window. The new year celebrations are always a good time in Smeet City, and at their heart is the one and only O'Riley's Pub. This classical Irish institution in the heart of downtown is the only place to see in the new year, and this year was no exception!

Interestingly over the course of the night this year you got particularly friendly with the bar staff, and at some point in the haze you struck a deal (well, you don't remember it happening but you appear to have written the agreement on your hand. So that's legally binding, obviously). Apparently you were granted free drinks from midnight onwards, in exchange for agreeing to help to clean up the mess the next day! That explains two things - 1) why your head feels like it does, and 2) why Mr O'Riley himself is stood in front of you waving a mop in your face. There's no getting out of this one, sunshine!

Gather all the cleaning materials necessary to return O'Riley's to its former glory as you try to clean around a few party-stragglers and get those disgusting carpets respectable again!

It's the best way to cure any sore heads, Smeeters, so get to it!

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