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Are you the problem in your relationship?:

When things start to get bad in a relationship, it's easy to blame it all on your partner. But nothing in a relationship is one-sided.

    You put all the responsibilities on your partner:

A good relationship is a union of equal individuals. Therefore, responsibilities should also be divided equally. While people often expect their partners to exert effort for the relationship, they never make an effort themselves. By being more helpful to your partner, you can show that you still value the relationship.

    You're not pleased with yourselves:

You must be able to love yourself before you love someone else. If you are not pleased with your life or yourself, your relationship will be affected by this situation.

    You're cutting off communication:

It's exhausting to have a relationship with someone who completely cuts off communication after every fight. In your next fight with your partner, instead of being silent, take a break and try to come up with a solution that makes sense to both of you. Calm down and think about why you're fighting before your emotions take over your logic

    You're always imagining the worst about your partner:

When working on a problem with your partner, believe that your partner's intentions are not bad. He probably doesn't want to hurt you, and he wants this problem solved as soon as possible. Try to understand your partner's intentions before you react to a word from your partner that hurts you. Did he/she really want to upset you? Most likely, you had problems because of carelessness and lack of understanding of your expectations. And if he/she really intended to break you, think about whether you wanted to continue that relationship.

    You can't accept when you're wrong:

You want your relationship to continue. To do that, you have to accept responsibility for your own mistakes. If you blame others instead of taking responsibility for your own problems, that's not a good. Instead of focusing on who's at fault, focus on how you can solve the problem.

    You put past problems during the debate:

While discussion about a topic, you suddenly bring up another topic that upset you years ago. You making wrong move in debate. This may be the reason you can't solve any problems with your partner. You can solve your problems more easily if you discuss everything in right time.

    You believe you're not part of the problem:

If you don't believe that you are any part of your relationship problems, you're the problem in the relationship. No one is completely innocent in a relationship. Be honest about your mistakes in the relationship so you can start to heal. When the relationship is going well, it's two people's success. And when it's going bad, it's both sides ' responsibility to fix it.


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