How did the Horse get into O'Riley's Pub?


Those who have recovered enough from the new year shenanigans may have noticed the horse strutting around O'Riley's Pub. No one is really sure how or why it's there, but a local newspaper journalist is sniffing around looking for a good story so if you can come up with something creative enough you might be able to sell it to her and earn a quick buck or two!

We want to know how you think the horse got into O'Riley's! It can be as wacky or mundane as you like (although we would recommend the former if you want to win the prize ;) )

Send your story to by Monday 14th January, along with your ID and permission to publish your story on our blog and Facebook page. 

Our admins will turn into literary critics for the day and award the best stories with some amazing prizes:


1st: 500 Coins, 250,000 Fame Points, 2 months Gold VIP and the Super Smart badge

2nd: 300 Coins, 150,000 Fame Points and 1 month Gold VIP

3rd: 150 Coins and 75,000 Fame Points


Best of luck, Smeeters!