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What does a new year mean to you?

For me, the perpetual goal maker since a small child, a new year means new beginnings.  The new beginning could be in your career, your love life,  your relationship/marriage, your dreams, etc.  For me, a new year brings such great excitement and anticipation in the ways of fulfilling all of my goals and achieving my dream.  A new year means starting out with a new slate in my life.  The past is gone and I can now start a new adventure.   A new year, means Hope to me.  It gives me great hope that I can start out with a new slate; the past mistakes made in last year, are no longer but I can try to change myself by learning from all my past mistakes.

For me, I prefer to call my new year’s resolutions by another name.  I prefer to call them;   GOALS.  The reason for this is because when I was a child, I always made new year’s resolutions and every single one of them failed and it brought me nothing but discouragement.   As a child, I had no clue as to what goals were and why it is good to have them and set them.   Therefore, as a working adult, I referred to my new year’s resolutions as:  Goals. 


Nothing in life is ever accomplished or achieved by just thinking about it.  For me, what really works is to write it down on paper and to set a deadline for completing them.   I truly believe that it is of  the most utmost importance to write your goals down on paper.  You should always make short and long term goals.  If you do not write them down on paper, it will not be as important and you will more than likely never achieve them.  Thus, discouragement.   So, write it down on paper and always go back periodically to see just how closer you are to your goal(s).  After you achieve a goal or goals…. Make new ones.  This is simple goal setting.  We should all have short and long term goals with deadlines for each goal.  There should also be a plan detailing how all the goals will be accomplished and completed.  I truly believe that any person without a dream or a desire to set short and long term goals and continuously do this in their entire life….. is just meandering in his/her journey--- with no direction.    Why?  Having goals allow us to get excited and desire to have dreams.  I always believed that without a dream or dreams, one will perish.  In other words, a person without a dream, goals, lives his/her life without a purpose --- just aimlessly going through this journey of life.  Every life needs a purpose.  Do you know what your purpose in life is?  If you do not have an answer instantly, then it tells me that you do not know what your purpose in life is.


So, what does a new year mean to you?


Does it bring a feeling of drudgery:  just the thought of having to do new year’s resolutions;.or does it give you a kind of excitement and anticipation to work on new goals?  For me it is the latter.  Personally,  I prefer to call them goals instead of new year’s resolutions.  We all know that the new year’s resolutions that we all make or think about making them are never fulfilled.  Very few peoples are able to fulfill all of their new year’s resolutions time and time again.  Thus, the thought from most of you:  Why bother to make any new year’s resolutions when it will never be fulfilled.  The answer for me is very simple.  I make or set new goals both short and long term goals with specific deadlines for each one of them.  I check on the progress of these goals often,  just to see if I am making any progress.  This, to me, is the only way one can be sure that short and long term goals will be fulfilled.  Everything must be written down on paper with specific deadlines for each goal written.   It is very important that you set specific deadlines for each goal written down on paper and have specific plans for each one listed.


By doing your new year’s resolutions this way, makes it easier to accomplish and you will be able to see continuously see how much progress you have made for each one that you have written down on paper.  Try this method and see if it works out better for you.  Always remember that any thought, idea or dream that is not written down on paper, will probably never come to fruition.  Just thinking about moving to live in a new place, a new country, getting or looking for a new job/career, trying to work on a difficult relationship/marriage, etc.  only becomes more meaningful and easier to accomplish when it is written down on paper with a plan and checked on periodically for its progress.  Try this and see if it works out or helps you to accomplish your new goals for this new year of 2023.


Hope all of the above information will encourage you all to start out this new year of 2023 with excitement and anticipation of new dreams by setting new short and long term goals and calling them as such instead of referring to them as new year’s resolutions Try it and let me know how it works out for you.


Until we meet again, keep on smiling, and dancing at our DJs daily events, private parties and in our public rooms.   If you see me around on Smeet, please say Hi and if you would like to read on topics that were never covered in my past years articles, please message me in private.  Always remember to love one another, because LOVE conquers everything.


Happy Blessed New Year of 2023 and wishing all of you all of God’s best in every single area of your lives.  Abundant Blessings always.  God bless.  <3