Hi guys!! Today, the theme I propose to you is about being betrayed by the person you love and by the people you believe are friends, in this case while interacting on Smeet. Everyone, at least once in his or her life, has been betrayed. Even though Smeet is a game, people feel real feelings just like in real life and you trust the people you care about. The worst feeling is being betrayed by someone you know very well, like your best friend. It is not uncommon that this "person" is your friend or friend of your partner. From a rational point of view, we can turn up our noses in front of these relationships that we could almost define as "unethical" and disrespectful. In the triangle “he-she-the friend of him” (or “he-she-the friend of her”), a double wound occurs: one is that of betrayed love and the other comes from betrayed friendship.

The worst feeling is if you have been used to make the other person jealous. One tip I can give you is to remind yourself that for some people, Smeet is a fun game and the best thing that you can do is walk with your head up as they walk with their heads down (since others see and notice their behaviors)! I understand that betrayal can hurt; there are stories that I personally have had glimpses of during these 11 years on Smeet. Many users do really hurt!! Remember life goes on despite these hardships. There are people who care about you.

Feeling betrayed is a matter of disposing of your anger, disappointment ,etc. I advise you to attend the events that are on Smeet and have fun laughing and joking with friends; you might even meet a new love or make new friends (always think about the positive is my motto)!! So, turn the page and think about the beautiful things that can happen to you. No one can trample on your feelings. Love is life, music, feelings and will never die!!!! Hugs to you all, have fun and enjoy your vacations!!


†† ● Qυєєи σf нєαят ● ††