Following the white rabbit


Inspired from the 1865 children’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. 

Alice was in a boring adult garden party, when she saw something strange. 

What was that? Was that a white rabbit? 

Should she risk following him to see where he is going in such an awful hurry? 

She decides to follow. As she gets closer, she discovers the rabbit has a men’s suit on. She was not imaging it, it was real. The rabbit says he’s late. But late for what?

Alice watches the rabbit jumps down the rabbit hole. In one quick decision, she decides to jump in after him. Alice falls down the rabbit hole and finds herself upon a door with a small table beside it with a strange little bottle with the words “drink me”. She takes a small sip. Continuing to walk to find where the rabbit has gone, Alice meets the Cheshire Cat. It is on an old big tree and it is looking at her. She finds a Tea Party, in which the withe rabbit takes place too. 

Alice joins it, the March hare, the Mad Hatter and the Dormouse for the party. 

Join this magical word, the white rabbit is inviting you, there is a seat at the table for you. Come and discover every magical items in Wonderland! 

The Cheshire Cat is waiting for you!