The scent of lavender!

The scent of lavender!

Doesn´t that smell amazing? Every time you drive into the direction of “Violet” the lavender farm outside of Smeet City the scent of lavender wafts through the air. It's the perfect spot to search for all kinds of gifts and to enjoy the beautiful view from the farm down to the endless purple lavender fields.

They sell perfume, soap and pillows that smell heavenly like lavender and are a classic gift to give and very well known in Smeet City.

But there is even more to discover. Since everything at Violet is handmade you can also see and taste some delicious lavender tea and their newest creation lavender cheese. Get yourself some tea, cheese or chocolate, order some tasty wine that goes perfectly with the lavender infused goods and enjoy a day full of relaxation.

They also have open days where they show you how they create these amazing products and today happens to be the first day of the open days.

So get ready to get to Violet Lavender Farm and learn all about lavender!