Icy delight!


Wine is a pretty common beverage. There is something for every taste. Sweet, bitter, light and heavy. But have you ever had a sip of smooth and sweet ice wine? No? Then this is your chance to produce and taste it. This year you got picked to help with the Ice Wine harvest.

The icy and cold temperatures are what gives the Ice Wine it's delicious taste. But the thing that Smeet City´s Ice Wine is famous for is the additional icy finish.

The procedure is pretty easy. Just collect the frozen berries from the bushes and put them in the press. There you will get the delicious, rich ice wine, which you have to put in barrels to rest. Once the delicious wine is rested you can work on the icy finish and run the ice wine through the ice wells which give the wine an additionally frosty and sweet taste.

Grab your basket and start collecting the berries NOW so you can collect UNLIMITED Boosts until 14.01.2021

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