New season, new goals

New season, new goals

As we have all seen, last season wasn’t the shortest, but it was sure full of surprises, especially with the Covid-19 leaving its effects all over the world.

Until now, we know champions league groups were pretty much balanced compared to the last season.  The Italian championship might have a pause already since one of the teams tested 7 players positive with the virus. I hope that won't affect the season like the last one.

We have big matches ahead all over the world both locally and in Europe.

Barcelona and Juventus in the same group?  Wow, now we’re talking!  It’s going to be a great game  for sure. Barcelona will never want the same situation after losing against Bayern Munich 8-2.  The Spanish team has never been defeated like this, so this season they will surely try their best to seek revenge if they face Bayern in the next round.  I’m hoping they do,  I want to see what’s going to happen. Group B is tough as well, we have real Madrid with Inter, Shakhtar and Borussia Mönchengladbach. This will not be an easy group like many suggested it will be, and it’s exciting to see who will make it to the next round.


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