A-Hunting we will go...


Hunting, picking, shrooming… All the many names given to the age-old practice of foraging for mushrooms, one that requires a lot of knowledge and skill. Some are delicious and some can be deadly.

Mushroom pickers are a secretive bunch and keep the best sites for hunting a highly guarded secret. But one day, you get a tip to where you can find the best mushrooms. It’s a long walk through the forest, but it’s a nice day so it’s not a big deal. 

After many hours wandering, you come to an opening in the forest and, to your surprise, you find a man standing alone, waiting for you. Without saying a word, he hands you an empty basket. He knows why you have come here.

With your basket in your hand, you need to go to the different fields to collect the many varieties of mushroom; oyster, boletus, champignon, chanterelle, even truffles and the occasional random mushroom.

Add these to your basket and make different combinations to add them to the mushroom pans and go home with a great collection to make a tasty meal.

Happy hunting!