Decorate the Tree at the Smeet City Christmas Market!

Chtristmas Market

Wow. Smeet City doesn’t hold back when it comes to Christmas time. Every year there is a huge Christmas market downtown, one that attracts visitors from miles around. Some come for the food and drink, some for the decorations, and others just come for the all-round Christmas vibezzzzzz.

This year the city council needs your help, though. They are a bit behind in their preparations and you’ve been called up to assist with the running of the market. Most importantly, you need to get the big Christmas Tree lit up – it is the centerpiece of the market after all!

Firstly, you need to attract some Customers to the market. Who better to do it than Santa himself?! OK, so it’s actually your Uncle Harry in a Santa suit, but he’ll do the job! Just keep him away from the sherry.

Anyway, the Customers will leave Christmas Donations in the Donation Box to help pay for all the decorations for the vast market. What’s more, they will also buy Food, Decorations, Mulled Wine and Woolly Hats from the different stalls. Quite the little earner!

Put all the money you raise towards decorating the big Christmas Tree. It’s sure to warm up the atmosphere at the market. Now then, who’s for a Glühwein?!

Light up Smeet City this Christmas, Smeeters!